Entries for Warwick Prize for Women in Translation 2018

Entries are in for this year’s Warwick Prize for Women in Translation!

Fifty-two eligible titles were entered, translated from twenty-two languages. Represented languages are: German 8; French 6; Spanish 6; Swedish 4; Chinese 3; Japanese 3; Arabic 2; Croatian 2; Danish 2; Italian 2; Korean 2; Polish 2; Bengali 1; Icelandic 1; Irish 1; Latvian 1; Norwegian 1; Persian 1; Portuguese 1; Slovak 1; Slovenian 1; Turkish 1.

The books include shortlist shoo-ins, such as Olga Tokarczuk’s Man Booker International-winning Flights, translated by Jennifer Croft and previous MBI winner Han Kang’s The White Book, translated by Deborah Smith, as well as lesser-known titles, such as the charming noir-poetry graphic novel The Apartment at Bab El Louk, by Donia Maher, translated from Arabic by Lissie Jaquette.

The 2018 Prize is set to be awarded at an evening event in the Warwick Arts Centre on Tuesday, November 13.

Meanwhile, you can find the whole list of eligible entries at the Warwick Prize website.

2 thoughts on “Entries for Warwick Prize for Women in Translation 2018

  1. The literary translation community were instrumental in raising awareness of the gender imbalance in translated literature and in arguing the case for this prize. The prize committee would like to offer its particular thanks to Meytal Radzinski


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